Changes from traditional AD and D rules aka Tony's House Rules

1st off you get max gold that you can have at 1st lvl so fighters get 200. wizards 50, priests 180 and rogues 120.

2nd Because I am going to look at our adventure as a movie so I am going to require you all to help me mold and shape this picture. To that effect there wont be any thing like " I roll to hit the orc" no no no…I want to hear “Ok I rip my sword from it’s sheath and crack my neck from side to side, I nod in salute to my opponent and swing at his knees as I yell my battle cry!!”

3rd Warriors in general I am going to be very open on what you want to strike and how many things you can jam into a round. Lets define what a round is in the d and d world. I round is considered to be 1 minute. and there are 10 Melee rounds in a round so by that logic alot of things can happen in a melee round so we are going to feint and juke and jab and parry and sling spells and many other tings in those 6 seconds. So in those 6 seconds you can swing a couple times jump on a table and flip or run roughly 30 feet to engage another foe or any number of things so if you say I swing my sword I am gonna say that you are a stationary target and your foe is going to get a t+2 to hit you…..Also warriors only ever need to buy arrows 1 time then they have an ever full quiver same for Rogues and throwing daggers

4th Wizards in combat. There is alot of things that I am doing different the norm of casting a spell and cowering the rest of the combat. Wizards in my world are more like Gandalf to that end I will making the following changes to them.

They get as many spells to cast a day as they know languages
They get a Cantrip that gives them unlimited darts to throw. They do 1d3 to small and medium and 1d2 vs large mobs.
Wizards can learn up to 4 different spells per level per day. 1 guaranteed spell and 2nd spell is a 30% to fail 3rdspell 60% to fail and 4th spell 90% chance to fail.
Once the amount of spells the wizard can cast they may try to cast again but there is a progressive 10% chance that it will fail. So a caster is much more viable in combat and in more then one combat per day if necessary.

5th Clerics and Druids much the same as wizards they will be able to cast as many extra spells based on the Magical Hit adjustment. Clerics will have a granted power that will be decided at character creation it will be usable once per day with a chance to be used a second time if the need is dire and there clerics faith is strong enough. The the cleric may cast say a prayer and fight depending on the prayer that is uttered. If the prayer does not require a component they may also fight on in combat.

6th Rogues I like the idea of the 3rd edition sneak attack so I am including it in the basic thief abilities. They will be able to “get the drop on a foe” once per combat. as to say they can strike first if they don’t have initiative and they can do a double damage attack or they can get the back of a foe to back stab.

Changes from traditional AD and D rules aka Tony's House Rules

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